Thursday, September 21, 2006

This post cheats.

The more I do the less I post.

Things are good. Up there is some old art to sate the masses. Dancers all groovin in their own way...
I ought to color them.

I've started some work at Big Machine Design, designing, boarding, and soon to be animating. It's fun to be working on a project that I know will see completion.
Saturday I'll be out Sketchcrawling in Pasadena. I'll post up my discoveries. Horray for artists in the wild!
Not many brains left... I put them into little boxes to tell stories for me today.

My head explodes to the tune of:

This image is totally incredible to me. It's so dark and full of story.

WOW. (posted here)

Mysterious story plus darkness again! I want to know the secrets! (From Here)
Till later...

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Moro Rogers said...

Cool poses...esp. the guy on the right.^^