Thursday, June 28, 2007

Go Paige!

Paper Hearts will be screened at the San Diego Comic Con, as part of the Comic Con Independent Film Fest!
Find it on:

Thursday, July 26
Room 26AB

Please come support angry animated little girls everywhere, if you'll be at the con Thursday afternoon. I'll be there afterwards to represent and answer questions.

Also, this is the first Paper Hearts drawing ever.


Polyminthe said...

hey kelly,
Do you remember me?I'm the one you used to call "geek" at gobelins!how are you?
I found your blog by chance!You posted a comment on mike caracappa's blog about my girlfriend's work verossignol.
see you,

Kelly said...

Hey sylvain!
Yes I remember you my little french geek. I'm good! I think I found your blog awhile ago, but it's hard to figure out who is who. Now I know!
I'll go there now. Nice to see you!