Wednesday, October 24, 2007


A movie-poster style drawing to satisfy a set of characters and plots that I don't have time to develop right now. You'll recognise the familiar Fran up in the corner. Luckily she ties in to this story as well as her own.
The story on this one is the definition of epic.
I spent most of the time erasing and redrawing minotaur-girl's eyes to get away from that expressionless "enhh" look most movie poster faces have, and into something more bothered. Might not be there yet.

O, and here is the thumbnail. I like seeing this messy stuff.

Coloring it now!


AcouSvnt said...

Your work is awesome. I first saw Paper Hearts a few months back on Frederator, and now I do remember coming to this blog back then to check it out, but I guess I didn't see a way of subscribing to it via an RSS reader, which is kind of how I keep the whole internet organized these days.

But I just wanted to let you know I sat through every single freakin' animation they had, some good and some bad (hey, that rhymes), and when I try to remember back to the few that really stood out in my mind and resonated with me, "Paper Hearts" was easily in my top five.

Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

Can't wait to see the color, looks great so far!

Rankinstein said...

Looks awesome!
I like seeing the messy stuff, too.
On that note, this pre-color version could almost stand alone in it's smudge-toned goodness!
I like her expression, too.