Thursday, November 15, 2007

i o p e p i l e

Time to get that fancy clean art off the top of the page and get into some sketchy guts!
The iope script is done!
My deadline is to have thumbnails/roughs by the end of the year and start pencils in Jan.

Ooooo, Husked inhabitants of the iope world. Don't know what to call the species... something between a fuzzy frog and a tree branch.

Developing the old artist character that opens up the story. She's been scarfed many times, but outlasted the power in them.

Thumbnails from today. I natrually think of it like I'm used to thinking of animation - choosing shots and key poses. Also, there are war machines!

Mo Thumbnailin. I'm enjoying this a lot.

Have a good thanksgiving, internets!

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