Thursday, August 21, 2008

Light and music

An unexpectedly artsy month.
Signal is on Hipjet Kadet's crew.
They found him trapped between the pulses of a frequency first broadcast into space in 1991.
He still doesn't talk, but is an excellent navigator- and can plug into anything.

Sig<< idon'tspeakilisten >>nal.

This unplanned doodle got colored because I liked the loops of the headphone cord. There's no thumbnail, so the drawing itself could be better planned, but I used it to experiment with another set of colors and textures. I wanted it to look like buzzing, crunchy synth sounds. 


heelers said...

You got something here.

qulmann said...

Greeting Kelly.
i like the kite
please watch my video:
keep in touch

Khylov said...

Even as a 1st pass, the silhouette value is dynamic and easy to read. And the cord is an awesome touch for a prop that adds a new dynamic.

Music is an awesome companion with art. Thanks for reminding me of that.