Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Circular joy:

Bike commuting.
I can't explain what an awesome surprise it was. I didn't think sporty things could make me feel good. I've always been a awkward spidery klutz. But then, my car broke and she came off craigslist and into my life.
Kelly's GT slipstream

Now I am a bona-fide bike commuter. It puts this rush of happy into the start and finish of my day that I didn't know could be there. Gas, the economy, health, global warming whatever- I do it because it's so much fun.

Music made me happy too. Soon I'll be sending sound out onto the net from this:
dj poptart's cdj setup

All good things go around.
You know this is the last year we'll have with two 0's in the middle?

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James said...

Awesome, keep up the bike commuting.