Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In the Nood!

Not that anyone has ever been excited about life drawing on a blog...
Some men

Some ladies 

Many thanks to our lovely studio for offering a Villpu class. Not exciting but so good for me.
All the colorful and funky art I'm making is gonna premier at commiecon.


Khylov said...

Commiecon, ha.

Ah, I mean, Da! Za Rodinu - is most good this thing that is of non-capitalist orientation. Superior of Soviet Communism over bourgiou... borzhwah... bourgeois... Ach, the hell with it...

Some men, some ladies... some nice linework, you mean. Dig on the poses with the staff prop - can easily see one of your characters with a glow stick and some E.T. headphones.

BWIL said...

Hey Kelly your artwork is real nice, cool blog. I love the characters on the stickers.Awesome you got to take a class with vilippu that guy is a genius Are you gonna have a booth at the comic con this summer?