Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Sketchy Turtles need love too.

Why don't I finish this art?
There's a pile of pieces at this level, sitting on my desktop in a folder marked AIP - Art in Progress. I spend a few hours really into the piece, and then I have to go try to make money or pay some bills or fret about something and I forget.
Not knowing when I'll get to finish it, I'll post it up here because I like it. You can also see how I draw nowdays. I do a sketch on paper, flash it in front of a webcam and then go to work on top of that in Photoshop or sketchbook with my tablet. I like this because I'm able to futz with composition and proportions all the way until the end, something I can't do on non0digital paper. Skew, flip, stretch... play with it. I think that it eventually lets me make a better piece.


Donatello can't get a decent signal on his iphone (ok, we know he's on android) down in the sewers, so he's gotta climb up a building to properly tweet.

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