Monday, June 19, 2006

Time flies when you're drawing tentacles.

Here's some new doodles, hot off the brain.
First up is some Spacebat. He's a show idea that's been bouncing around for years. Latley I've been re-visiting old characters and giving them some love.

On the front page of my Portfolio You'll see Kippa, the girl raised by squirells. Her nemesis, the boy raised by Squids, makes an apperance in this doodle. He does not have a name yet. But he has a vengence.

And that's all for now. Other stuff is in the works but it is sneaky and secret. Also, I am looking for good places to draw in my new hometown of Glendale... Let me know!
Also, it is June 19th. I have been Graduated for exactally one month.


justinpatrickparpan said...

Hey, I didnt know you had a blog! Great stuff, your ideas are really top notch!

SMacLeod said...

hey you.

jesus chambrot said...

I likee SpaceBat alot.

Josh Parpan said...

3 cheers for space bat!

Nate said...

Hey kelly, long time no see, oh wait you said that....stuff looks great.

jojo said...

more art, please!