Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Into the woods.

Wooo! Time for the big fat Oregon post!
Techincally this is a /sketch/blog, but this is the easiest way to post photos too. And there are lots of sketches at the end. So here it all goes.

Oregon has nature. Hiking was one of the nicest things, you could just feel the clean leafy air mixing into your blood and filling you with fresh and tingly greeness. There was the cute downtown area of nob hill one way down the street, and a big pile of forest the other way.

The portland rose garden is huge, and everything was in bloom. The weather was perfect while we were there- Cloudly mornings, sunny daytimes, and breezy nights. We ran around sticking our noses into anything with petals.

The train ride up was full of senic goodness like this. And also lots of boring prarie. 4 days out of our 10 day trip were spent on the train- About a 42 hour ride each way. I went loopy, and will probably not be taking Amtrak again for a long while. But senic scenery, yes.

My giant friends like the nature too. We had adventures in the dusky park...

A fun evening in the Doug Fir lounge, which manages to do Lumberjack/Spaceman themed dining sucsessfully. My martini had a bunch of nature/sludge at the bottom of it.

You can also play quality games like this one, at the Barcade. Mmmhmm. Barcade. Oregon inches closer to perfection.

Here's a strange little shrine we saw in one neighborhood. Also downtown is the best boba I've ever had at a comfy upstairs teahouse called Te Cha tea, and a massive used bookstore called Powells, where I picked up a 1980's Conan the Barbarian Choose your own Adventure novel.

Hwaa! There was so much to see I had to wear my glasses! Hwaa!

Here are some my collected sketches from the journey. Note, many of these were done in the loonyness of a 42 hour train ride. The kids made me draw godzillas. And Fwish showed up a lot. Maybe she is orignally from the northwest.

I hope life and things brings me up here again someday.


Wynne Chen said...

What's up?! Kelly
Glad to see ur works:)

justinpatrickparpan said...

Nice, looks like your having some fun!

ken said...

really nice work ya got!

Kelly said...

Thanks guys, and nice to meetcha Ken!