Monday, August 07, 2006

Oregon donors.

Hello internets!
This post is coming to you from the fair town of Portland Oregon, where after a 42 hour train ride, Rainbow zookeeper and I arrived with our portfolios for some northwestern-ly adventure. The town is very relaxed and fun. Everyone is trendy and friendly and indie... It's kind of like Urban Outfitters took over a city. I suppose if California is Hollywood and big media, Oregon is the hip indie friend. The town is much suited for strolling and doodling, I'll post up my doodles after the trip is all over.
What I'm posting now is some redraws of Kite storyboards. Eventually I'd like to redraw the entire thing full size, as the film was boarded at just a little bigger than tumbnails. I did them to have some nice compositional stuff for my portfolio, and get things rolling on production too.

Next we'll experiment with diffrent colors and textures, trying to find a look we are happy with. Okay, back to doodling in the northwest! If there's anything not-to-be-missed up here, let me know and I will check it out. Happy August!


Boogervampire said...

Hey Kelly, I doubt it, but if you head up to Seattle, you guys should really check out the Woodland Park Zoo. It's really awesome cause they've spent tons of time trying to give the animals nice environments to live in. . . I've spent tons of time there and it's always a good place to go. As far as Portland, I've heard that have a pretty kick butt music scene, so maybe you can catch a show at a club or something.

Alina Chau said...

You got many cool drawings posted!! COOL layout!

PaulSketch said...

cool! I saw that you graduated from CalArts! How did you like it? I'm not sure if I would rather go into Pratt Institute or CalArts - I'm interested in storyboarding and character design (and still have plenty of time till i have to decide)

Kelly said...

Hey Paul- CalArts was awesome. I remeber looking at Pratt too- I think they have a comic-making major? But for storyboarding and design, there's no place I can reccomend higher. Making your own films and being surrounded by inspiring classmates is the best learning experience you can get.