Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mee and Zoo.

07 has been a great year for the sketchbook so far. I've acquired a zoo pass and am hitting the LA zoo abut once a week. Anyone wanna come along? It's an incredibly plesant place on weekday winter afternoons.

There is a little girl giraffe there and she is glamourous. In that unique giraffey way.

Pugs + Koalas + Prarie dogs. This sketchbook page expertly complied... to slay you.

Been working on drawing hands latley. They're a weak spot for me, as I once found a stylistic way to cheat them and never learned them rightly. Leftily. Yes.

And a parting doodle from the yellow guy on the front of my inkplay site, who recently decided to tell me his name and how his world works. Thanks little dude. I'll finish your comic one day, I promise. My main hurdle is that this story is about a character who turns sound into visual color and energy. However, comics are the only medium where sound is always expressed visually to begin with! Leaving Iop not too special... at least in the comics world. May be a question for Scott McCloud, come comicon 07! Making Comics btw, is an incredible and comprehensive text. Hightly recomended for.... everyone.

Till next time!
- kelly

1 comment:

Emma said...

Okay I am in love with the pug pooping.

Hands are a bitch, also training yourself out of a cheat is a bitch too. I like the cheats Mike Mignola and Claire Wendling use on hands...