Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Fran's Night of endless boarding.

Ages and ages since I last bloggled. I know. But look over here! Storyboards!
Here's the first page of pages and pages of new storyboards I've drawn for the Crone story. This and two other pages went into my new portfolio. I'm in process of cleaning up the remaining pages, and then I'll snap em all together in final cut and inkplay will have another storyreel/film type thing on it!
The story has been retitled Fran's night out. That's Fran. She's going to give that lizard a night he'll never forget. I've also included my dirty gross thumbnails and some research doodles.
I also returned from Wondercon and Norcal this weekend. Good con. Like a San Diego con lite, just what I was looking for. I got inspired by friends and surroundings. And berkley has so.... many... coffeeshops.
There's three main projects on my mind these days, and I want to get them done! This reel. Dustbunny. And the iope comic. Wish I could draw crazy new ideas for crazy fun, but my brain has locked down, and will let me draw nothing but 1x1.85 boxes.
See you next time?

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