Friday, March 16, 2007

A Story Problem

It's time to admit it.
I have a story problem.
It's kind of like having a drinking problem. But more work.
I used to be able to draw pretty things just for the sake of pretty things. My sketchbook was filled with all sorts of cute and unusual creature/things doing varied and seperate numbers of cute/unusal actions.
But now all that's in my sketchbook is whatever current cast of characters that are getting their stories worked on. These characters are so demanding and destructive that they've stamped out all the cute creature/things that used to roam those creamy white pages. They are story/character drawings and they are all I can seem to draw. They are joined by gesture/observational drawings. This is the story problem. I can't go enjoy a nice, thoughtless doodle anymore. The stories come stamping in, demanding I draw them and them alone until they are done. For me, it makes a boring sketchbook. Here is more of it.

Composition studies for Fran's Night Out.

Gathered sketch dumpage. Iop, Kite, Dustbunny, Fran, the Oscars, and Fergie the cinnamon roll golem

The pair

The Kite girl is so happy. She is so happy because she found her name. Not just "Flyer." And she knows that now that I know her name, we'll spend more time together. I think I'll color this.

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Chris said...

Embrace the story! You will do wonderfully. Keep up the great work, Kelly.