Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Cosmic game

I have a lot to say about this latest art.
It's been a frikkin struggle.
But I'll let it go now out into the world because I can't fix it anymore.

It started with the idea of wanting to do some DJ art. I love music just as much as art, and playing it on my little cdj machine is what I like to do when I don't feel like drawing, but still feel creative.
However, most of the dj art online all looks the same. The same pose is used over and over, and the dj's look very cool and aloof. Not connected to the music at all, just lookin fancy.
When I play, there's a moment when I have both headphones on, both tracks at full volume. I am listening to two songs at once and I can see the beats running ahead like two horses on a track. I try to wrangle them one at a time, making the songs synch up. And every so often, this magic moment happens, and you realize you are not wrangling two wild beat horses, but ONE awesome magical beat horse that is even better the two horses alone. The two tracks start to sing back and forth to one another in a way you had not planned for.
You have not sent it out over the speakers yet. It is just there, in your ears for a private moment. And then you slam over the crossfader and the room is flooded with your discovery.

But once I added photshop, my drawing of the quiet moment became KOSMIK DJ ALIEN GODDESS KREATES THE UVINERSE!
It feels just a little cheesy. I suppose adding sparkly space to the background of your subject (dolphins, tigers, Indian maidens) vaults it into that territory. Here is the pencil, which I find more tender.

And the thumbnails... Where the pose was more dynamic. Hand way up in the foreground, a forward tilt to the body. I got scared and flattened her out when I did the "nice" drawing.

I've been noodling at it for a long time and I am happy to get it out of here. Enjoy your cosmic dj picture, world. Along with a mix I made in February. Why not. It has many of the songs I like with Feist, Justice, and 80's movie remixes. It's my best one yet.
DJ poptart - Full of Jam

Ok, I like her face.

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AcouSvnt said...

I thought the photoshopped version was nice, not cheezy. Or to the extent that it was cheezy, cheezy in a positive way.