Friday, March 14, 2008

Lanky Rock

Wow, March has been an unexpectedly good month for this blog.
Here's something I haven't posted in a while... Lifedrawing. Wait! Come back!
This is not the boring and ugly lifedrawing I have been doing for months. I went to The Drawing Club and had myself a great night. I decided to stop fretting about construction for a little bit and just draw whatever I saw in the pose that appealed to me. Hints of the lifedrawing style that I rode all through Calarts snuck back in, and I didn't edit it, for better or worse. I had fun.

My favorite drawing of the night, on the right.

Now I am going to go visit my family. Happy weekend happy campers.


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Anne-arky said...

Awesome! It looks like you had fun times of fun :)

Moro Rogers said...

Very nice.^__^

Rankinstein said...

Wow! Very gesturely! It's like music but for my eyes!