Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Needed to draw and not click. Putting a sheet over my original doodle and finding the most important things in it helped me here. They were doodles I knew had something... but I'm wasn't sure what.
Dino one: Grrrrmph! Hop Hop!
Dino Two: Oooh snuzzle wobble snuzzle.
Dino Three: Oh no thank you I just had a huge lunch with an old friend and I am completely stuffed but they do look lovely!
Not that it matters, awkward dinos, because here comes the big swoopy comet of your doom. 

1 comment:

Khylov said...

So long as the Comet of Doom has huge eyes and winks with that "clinging chime" sound effect, I think those dinos will be just fine.

The bottom one's my favorite. Added dialog was a definite plus.