Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I would call this a design more than a drawing. I'm not happy that there's no emotion in it besides WHOOWSH WOAH SO COOL. So it's a design. Like a stained glass window.

You know what did have emotion? The 3rd season of Avatar.  I held off watching this series for a long time, because the episodes I caught here and there on tv didn't hold me. But believe you me, I now have watched it fully and It Deserves Your Time and Attention. It is important to modern day animation storytelling. When you have some time to give it, do so, and you will not be sorry.
Also, here's a flyer I made. 

I've been doing a lot of this hard edged compu-art because I do not have to bend over a desk to do it. I can sit up and click and it gets me into playing with colors and shapes quicker than making a nice drawing does. 
I hate desk.
Happy Oct!

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